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It's a lovely evening, and Lorne is tempted to stop by the lake for a quick dip on the way, but he's carrying raw meat with him, which makes it seem like a bad idea. The walk itself is nearly as nice anyway, and Lorne smiles as the cabin comes into view.

It feels like coming home on leave, which he supposes it sort of is, except that he didn't have to apply for it, and it won't come out of his bank.

"You know what we should get, babe? A grill," he says as they come up the stairs to the porch.
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It’s been twelve days (outside of Milliways). Twelve days.

And Lorne meant what he’d said to Jack. He’s tired. So tired of waiting and hoping and doing fucking nothing. He’s pretty much given up on anything actually useful happening.

So when Chuck’s call of, “Unscheduled offworld activation!” rings through the gateroom, he’s expecting Wraith or Genii or hell, even Replicators storming through. He’s not expecting Chuck to say the IDC they’re receiving is Sheppard’s, and he’s not expecting Carter to tell him to lower the shield, and he sure as hell isn’t expecting Sheppard to come stumbling through, looking sandy but otherwise unharmed.

And most of all, after a couple really confusing exchanges involving Sheppard telling McKay he’s a genius (as though the man needed the ego boost), he definitely, absolutely isn’t expecting Sheppard to say, “I know where Teyla is.”


Everything after that is something of a blur. Lorne knows it must have taken a fair bit of time, because first they have to put Sheppard through quarantine and a medical exam, and Sheppard has to convince Carter to let them go, and they have to get geared up, and there’s a bit of a walk from the gate to the building, but almost before Lorne knows it, he’s exploring a lab in Michael’s facility and McKay’s saying, “Whoa, Jackpot!”

Lorne’s hoping for a big flashing sign that says, “TEYLA’S HERE.” He tries not to be disappointed when McKay says, “I've got everything! I've got Gate addresses, I've got sub-space communication codes. I've even got his research into the hybrids!”

He even tries to smile when McKay adds, “He’s history.”

Of course, even though it wasn’t what they were looking for, Lorne figures he should have known it was too good to be true.

Because the next thing he knows, McKay’s saying something about a countdown, and Lorne’s radioing Sheppard telling them it’s a booby trap and they have to get out…

And then there’s a sound not quite like an explosion, and the ground starts shaking, and he grabs McKay by his vest and tries to drag him from the room, but the ceiling caves in and blocks their way, and the walls collapse around them.

And then there’s pain. And then there’s nothing.


He’s not dead, but he’s beginning to wish he were.

He’s stuck in a caved in room with a broken leg and Rodney McKay. If he had to pick a definition of hell, this is probably it.

On top of that, whatever chance they had of finding Teyla has probably completely disappeared.

But the combat engineers show up before too long, and for once, Lorne is glad McKay can yell so loudly.

They’re dug out, and Lorne’s leg is put in an emergency splint, and they hide out in cloaked jumpers until the Daedelus arrives while Michael’s hybrids search the planet for survivors.

And Teyla’s on Michael’s ship. Probably. And they’re so close, yet again, to getting her back.

And then Lorne ends up in the infirmary, and Keller gives him something awfully strong for the pain, and he doesn’t remember any more.

[ooc: All dialogue from the SGA episodes “The Last Man” and “Search and Rescue”]
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It's not bad enough Teyla was kidnapped right under his nose. The universe seems to have decided that everything bad has to happen on Lorne's watch. He's honestly beginning to believe he might be cursed. Bad luck, like he told Jack.

Sheppard is coming back through the woods to the gate.

"So how'd it go, sir?"

Sheppard shakes his head. "The Genii contact didn't show up."

Lorne shrugs. "Can't say I'm surprised."

"What are you saying, Major?" Sheppard asks, feigning disbelief. "The Genii can't be trusted?"

"Well, they did try and kill you and Dr. McKay along with that little girl," Lorne deadpans.

"True, true – and normally that's the kind of thing I'd take personally, but Ladon claims he didn't order the hit. He's trying to get on our good side."

Lorne hears what he isn't saying--that they have to take whatever leads they can. They have to do whatever it takes to find her.

He has to ask, though. "You really think they know anything about where Michael took Teyla?"

"Well, they get solid intel. We're following up every lead, no matter how thin." He sounds more desperate than hopeful.

"OK. So what do you wanna do?"

Sheppard walks over to the DHD and starts dialing Atlantis. "Well, I'm gonna go ahead. You stay behind for a few hours; tell me if he shows up."

Lorne nods. "Will do."

The kawoosh flares out, and the wormhole stabilizes.

"We're gonna find her, Major."

Lorne nods again, though he's not sure he believes that anymore. "Yes, sir."

And then Sheppard steps through the gate.

...and doesn't step out on the other side.

[ooc: All dialogue is from the Stargate: Atlantis episode "The Last Man".]
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[ooc: Takes place shortly after this.]

He figures it'll be a quick, pointless trip. As much as he knows Teyla believes she'll find what she's looking for, he doesn't hold out much hope.

So he makes small talk. Tells her about living in San Francisco, visiting the flea markets there. Days like this make it almost easy to forget he's in another galaxy.

And then Teyla finds a merchant selling trinkets she knows once belonged to Athosians, and the mission suddenly becomes interesting, useful even.

He knows the trader will run when he sees Lorne, knows he won't be able to catch him, not on unfamiliar terrain.

He almost feels bad for the guy when he runs into the small log Teyla holds up just at face level.

He's never been good at interrogation. He's not intimidating enough. People aren't scared of him. It doesn't help that Atlantis has that reputation for kindness and mercy.

Teyla though...Lorne has never seen her like this, and though he knows it's just part of the plan to get the man to talk, he almost believes she would turn him over to the villagers as a Wraith-worshiper. It's the first time he really understands how much she's willing to do to find her people.

And when the trader cracks, Lorne knows, somewhere in the back of his mind, that it was too easy. But he's afraid of what Teyla might do if he points that out, so he just tells the Marines to untie the man so he can lead them to the place he found the trinkets he's been trading.

As they walk to the gate, he knows he has to do something, at least try to rein in Teyla's aggression. Sheppard's been worried about her for months now, and he can understand why.

"First thing we do when we get to the gate is radio back to Atlantis," he says, glancing cautiously over at her. "Let them know where we're goin', okay?"

She nods almost imperceptibly, but she doesn't look happy about it.

"Listen, Teyla. I know you're looking for answers about what happened to your people, but I'm thinking maybe it's better if you let us check it out, okay?"

He knows she'll refuse, but he has to suggest it. Has to at least try.

She shakes her head, giving him an incredulous look. "Major."

"Look, just let us scout ahead all right?"

And that's when he hears it. The sound that haunts his dreams, keeps him up some nights. The sound that every Pegasus native takes as the call to flee, run to safety, save your family, look to the skies.

He knows what it is, but as Teyla turns to look over her shoulder, he still asks, "What is it?" hoping he's wrong.

What happens next is too fast for him to even really process. He yells, "Dart!" and dives to his left, trusting the others to leap out of the way of the culling beam. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees the trader grab Teyla, pulling her into the dart's path.

And then they're gone, and the dart is too, and he can't believe something like this has happened on his watch again.


They dial back to Atlantis, and Lorne sends his IDC through, waits for confirmation that the shield has been lowered and steps through, knowing what sort of greeting waits on the other side.

Carter comes down the stairs to meet him, along with Sheppard, McKay and Keller.

He knows they'll ask. She's conspicuous in her absence.

He can't quite meet Sam's eyes when she asks, "Major, where's Teyla?"

And he doesn't know how he's supposed to answer that.

[ooc: All dialogue from the Stargate: Atlantis episode "The Kindred".]
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Lorne waits just outside the infirmary while Sheppard's team talks to him, fills him in on everything that's happened. He's twitching a little, still sweating, heart still beating a little too fast. Every so often he sniffs loudly, startling himself with the sound. When they finally come out, he gives them a sheepish look, apologizes to Teyla yet again, and steps inside.

Sheppard is sprawled over his bed, working on a sudoku.


He looks up at Lorne and smiles. "Major."

Lorne takes that as an invitation and steps a little closer. "I...wanted to apolo..."

Sheppard cuts him off with a wave of his hand. "Don't even say it. It wasn't your fault."

"With all due respect, sir, it kind of was. I took way too many of those stimulants, and my behavior was completely unacceptable." He's talking too fast, and it takes all his concentration to make himself comprehensible.

Sheppard frowns. "You pox. You were ordered to take those pills, and you followed those orders. Anything you did under their influence was not your fault."

Lorne's skin is prickling, and he taps his fingers compulsively on his thigh. "This is the second time I've pulled a weapon on you, sir."

Sheppard sighs and scrubs a hand over his face. "Will it make you feel better if I accept your apology?"

"A little?"

"I accept your apology."

Lorne rolls his eyes. Even in his current state, he knows it's useless to try to argue with Sheppard now. "Thank you, sir," he says.

Sheppard nods like everything's fixed now. "Go get some sleep, Major. You could use it."

"Yes, sir," Lorne says softly. He turns to go, stops at the door, turns back, starts to say something, shakes his head and steps out.
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Lorne is fairly certain he will never get tired of walking up a snowy path to a well-lit cabin with smoke rising from the chimney. Especially so long as he knows who's waiting for him inside.

He kicks the snow from his boots on the porch before pushing the door open and stepping inside.

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Lorne is smiling as he walks up the path to the cabin. He even whistles every once in a while. His arms are a bit full, presents and whatnot.

He pauses at the door, grinning to himself. Pushing the door open, he steps inside.

“Babe? I’m home.”
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There's a small cabin a little ways up the mountain behind Milliways. It's cozy-looking and inviting, smoke streaming softly from the chimney. It's well-lit and welcoming on a cold, snowy night.
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These things always take longer than one thinks they will.

However, the cabin is finally finished: floors laid, most of the furniture built, stairs to the loft in, plumbing finished.

It feels...good to be done.

It feels even better to be sharing it with Jack.

[ooc: This homecoming is suitable for adults only.]
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Lorne closes the door behind them and gives Jack a wicked smile.


[ooc: Pre-emptive adult content warning.]
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It was like watching his parents fight. Like watching his parents fight and worrying that sooner than later they were going to ask him to take sides. Which was hard, because Sheppard is usually right about these things, but he had a gut feeling he should be siding with Elizabeth on this one. Which would cause definite problems later with Sheppard.

But it never came to that. (He was right, though. The military answer was, for once, not the right one.)

Of course, there was no time for gloating. The replicators are among many of their enemies who never leave him time to gloat.

But Sheppard had one of his crazy ideas again, so Lorne suited up in an Apollo flightsuit, attached a squadron of F-302s to a fucking asteroid and flew it into a laser to save the city. And that would be a story to tell his grandkids, if he thought he’d ever have grandkids. Or be able to tell them anything at all to do with Atlantis.

Which they did, technically.

And then, they lost it again. Literally. It’s not where it was, and it’s not where it should be, and no one has any fucking clue where it actually ended up, but they do know that the laser got in one good shot before the shield made it back up (and why they had to drop the shield in the first place, Lorne can only guess at, but none of those guesses are good), and God only knows what kind of damage that did or if anyone in the city is even still alive.

Lorne finds himself stuck, once again, under the command of someone he doesn’t like or even agree with most of the time, and nearly all his friends, nearly all the people he cares about are on that city-ship, stuck who-knows-where between Lantea and where they should be, and there’s nothing he can really do about that at this point, and if there’s one thing Lorne hates it’s feeling useless, but at least if he can be on the bridge, he’ll feel like he’s helping somehow, or someone will tell him how he actually can be of help.

So he doesn’t even change out of his flightsuit or drop off his helmet somewhere, he just heads straight from the 302 bay to the bridge.
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As soon as they arrive at Jack's room, Lorne disappears into the bathroom for a long while. He scrubs and scrubs and scrubs, water nearly hot enough to scald.

When he comes out, he's got a towel wrapped around his waist and his skin is pink.
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It’s part of his job, this cleaning up of other people’s messes. So when he gets sent to the Teranans’ planet (former planet) to clean up Michael’s mess, it’s not unexpected.

He’s known since the beginning that what they did to Michael was not only wrong, it was dangerous, and it was bound to come back and bite them in the ass.

But he’d never expected this.

An entire civilization, one they’d helped save, destroyed. Not just destroyed. Mutilated. Discarded like garbage. Left to rot in much the same way. (And there are dozens of worlds like this, dozens of planets Michael has turned into his laboratories in retaliation for the ostracism they forced on him.)

And with each grave dug (because it’s the least they can do, really, to dig them each their own grave), he becomes less and less like the picture-perfect, hardened, battle-worn 2IC he’s made himself into, and more and more like that queasy, first-time-off-world, hand-still-shaking-on-his-gun geologist, vomiting at the sight of Lieutenant Ritter’s body, racked up as a warning for the rest of them.

It’s our fault, is the thought that keeps running through his head, and that’s the part that makes this so very hard to live with. They put the Teranans on this planet. They provided Michael with the gate address (knowingly or not). And every single body buried is like facing Ritter all over again.

By the time he gets back to Atlantis, sits through a quick physical and debriefing, the smell of death still seems to be all around him, and he desperately needs to shower, to scrub the stench from his skin again and again until he smells like himself again, until he smells (feels) alive again.

But, as usual, the universe (or the Landlord) has other plans.
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Lorne is in no mood to take his time. When they get to Jack's room, he pulls jack roughly inside and kisses him hard.

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When they get to Jack's room, Lorne takes a moment to set his stack of paperwork down on Jack's desk, then turns and holds his hands out to Jack.

"C'mere, baby," he murmurs.

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When they get to Jack's room this time, Lorne is in no rush. He gives Jack a soft kiss and moves to sit on the bed.

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Lorne follows Jack up to his room, a little surprised at how easy it is to fall back into this routine. He kisses Jack deeply once they're inside, his hands shaking just a little.

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